Umrah Journey

In March i got a chance to back to Allah, yeay! i came to Jedda, Mecca, and Medina to doing Umrah. This Journey, made me change a little bit, more rich, more good and more anything to be good :D. I hope my photo can tell my journey in Tanah Haram.


Situation in Mecca

me and my dad in Mesjid Apung, Jeddah

bird migration

kabbah at noon

people after hear adzan, and came by to solat

Hajj Camp

kabbah at night

situation in haram


people jam in front of Hiro

jabr Ar rahma

friend from madina

after fajr in Madina

break fasting ( monday-thursday fasting)

thristy girl in Nabawi Mosque

another kid in nabawi mosque

kid with water gun, playing around nabawi

interior in Nabawi Mosque

quran in many language

people solat in quba

This photos, will representative my journey in Umrah. More photos you can see in here

ps.see ya again, i’ too lazy to write and posting. sorry, my bad. i’m guilty :p