The Alter Ego

Each day ago, i wrote about a kid photography, actually kid who i take a pic. And in same day, i taken another pic with my friend, Trisha, I don’t have an any concept for her. I just tell to her, if you want to came to our studio and you don’t have a good wardrobe to wear, just use the simple one. And her came to cubic studio,  with black shirt and jeans.

Trisha Saraswati

For this session i use 2 lamp and 2 speedlite. Very odd maybe use lamp and speedlite in same time, but if you need more light for fill the dark side, and you done have another lamp maybe this is a solution for you. But, when you use a speedlite, you can use a high speed, because camera and speedlite have a sync speed for both of them.

And in this photo shot, is 3 theme with her alter ego.

bring me!

a fight!

sexy nerd



photography by zaky akbar
make up and hair by trisha saraswati
photo assist. by deni cubic
model trisha saraswati
location at cubic studio

ps. if you interest to be my model or client. just contact us. and sorry for another bad english :D


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