ujung genteng trip

After had a final test, hopefully in my last semester. I go to Ujung Genteng (in Indonesia, that sound like you on the roof) with my friends, not drive a car like last year, i use a public transport to go there. From my home in Bandung, with my friend’s car to termnail and use bus to Sukabumi after that, i use Angkot to another terminal and use a (legend) ELF to Surade. And funny is we not eat from we leave home until surade. In surade we meet WARUNG NASI SUNDA and so delicious,maybe after we so for long time no meet food, because if you really hungry and meet rice and friend you will said that is very delicious :D . And we continue a journey to UJUNG GENTENG, use Angkot again and through +- 26 Km. And we see a sea!A beautiful sea, just sand, sea, cloud and a people, but not many people at there :D .

At there, we always our feet to go anywhere, like to dosing turtle, ujung genteng, fisherman village, fish market, or another beach. 3 days an 2 night at there and we walk +- 15km.Suggest from me, if you go there, you must bring a food, not a snack but real food, maybe egg, frozen food, beef or anything. Don’t like us, just bring noodle and pop mie (same like noodle, but its brand) in there. And finally, our stamina is down. Not really have a energy to doing like our first day. And, if you want to go there, you must know about a season of fisherman can got many fish, because if that not that season, in there will be expensive. And you must prepare more money, and if you not use any vehicle, please to exercise your body, so you not shock about the place. Because you must take a walk or hire ojek to go somewhere, and its very expensive.

my bad in there is, my camera is full of dust and bercak so if you see my photos in computer is not clean. so sad, but in there we really have fun! Dan saya punya sedikit oleh-oleh untuk anda :)

jingga and blue

felling blue

Curug Cikaso

baby turtle

ourl-r : me, jody, wira, and andry

and you can see another photos in my friends, andry‘s and wira‘s . thx for 3 days and 2 amazing trips. next we’re going to another place in Indonesia!

this is a behind the scenes in ujung genteng, thx for mr.andry

ps. indonesia always make me fall in love.



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