Beauty and Fun Session

I think is not really fun session. First, when i get a key to open studio in my friend, mas andry, i am lost in andry’s campus. So i am waiting and blind. After get a key, when i try to check the lamp. The lamp sync and camera is not really sync. So the photo shoot is longer than i predicted.But, i love the picture. :)

in this photos, the theme is Indonesia.i hope you like it :)




A fun fun and fun photo shoot. Relax, pose and shoot!play with azka

play with azka

play with azka

And, lets play with the RED!red

from my experience in photoshoot, please to prepare correctly and recheck again your gun . Be creative in photoshoot, more dynamic and make something new in you picture.

ps. see you in next picture, maybe after my final assignment in college, wish me luck :)


4 thoughts on “Beauty and Fun Session

    • emang parah banget ya?hahha
      ga kq, gw karang sendiri2 aja
      ngasal hahah, ikutan les writing deh gw :D

      btw, bahasa inggrisnya boleh ngaco,tpi kalo foto tetep keren2 kan?hahah

    • segitunya kah? jadi sedih, masa harus bener2 pake bahasa indonesia?mau pake bahasa inggris. nanti saya akan belajar.huray!

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