Summer in Indonesia

Do you know meaning of photography? The word come from Greece , photo is light and graph is draw. Its mean , when you doing photography is drawing with light to create a picture. As we know the right picture is in right exposure, but its not always good, or maybe good but just so so. And in photography we call it with experiment, so you can take a picture with a OOT ( Out Of Technique). Wrong focus, wrong exposure and many more. Like my picture below, i use a over exposure and make SUN to be my friend. I search a orange color from sun and make an over exposure. Like summer in Europe. But it is in Indonesia. So, here we are.

<why we love sun

why we love sun

why we love sun

why we love sun

why we love sun

why we love sun

why we love sun

I don’t know, i love sun when the light touch my body. Its really refreshing.I love sunbathing, but just in evening and morning, not in noon. Its HOT!haha. And many thanks to Naluri Yulianti as talent, Fani Soniavita as Assistant and Sun as Main light . OMG, i forget, after sun not really exist at that day. i try to use an artificial light , and not bad.

why we love sun

Another great photos you can see in this or this.

ps. don’t afraid to try wrong technique in your photography, its really fun to make an usual picture. So you can be a trend! have a nice day fellas :)


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