and Action!

When Chase Jarvis make a short movie because NIKON Corp call him, for testing they new camera with video feature. So with me, CANON.INC call me for testing they camera. And that all is crap . i lie :p . Because me and my friend want applied to IT TELKOM Festival, we make a 10 minutes video with cool, awesome, handsome and another good thing actor :D.

After my first movie in Senior High School, this movie is really make a lot progress.With my friend DSLR camera we make a maybe weird (wira said) movie or cool movie :P. I hope this movie can make you laugh or do what you must to do dude! :D . In Lebaran time which suppose we spend time for family, we use for make this movie, but this movie is not bad. no conversation, just act :) enjoy it!

very big thanks for wira, hardo, dance, dan syukron .Because this movie we won that weird competition. Lets make a another movie :p

ps. wait my another movie :)


3 thoughts on “and Action!

  1. Great job :-)… A little bit flickering at 00:50-01:24, but it’s good overall :D
    I’m trying to learn to make video with dSLR, so great tips from you would be most appreciated. For starter, any recommendation on (free) software for HD video editing? From the video, looks like you are using Mac, so I’m assuming you’re using Final Cut or iMovie… I’m using Windows, so any suggestion for Windows users? (as those two are only available for Mac :D).


    • in windows i usually use adobe premiere pro, maybe you can try that :)
      i don’t anything else a video editing software in win :D

      • Bad news… It isn’t free :-(
        Thanks anyway :-)

        *Don’t have budget to buy the license, and refuse to use pirated software

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