Flower in Morning

Morning is not always a good, something you meet a rainy day, or cloudy and if you very lucky you can a see a great shine of sunrise. Today not my lucky day, get a double jackpot, a little rain and a great cloud who hide a shine of sun. But a party must go on, i came out in 5.30 (its to late to “mengejar matahari”). After a little discuss with my friend, wira , we ready to get a anything at there.

What i wan to go there is, i want to see a field full of flower, a curios of me :D . But after i arrived at there, the field of flower not really pretty. I think, rain and wind blow up the flower, i can’t found a huge group of flower. So i don’t get a sunrise and a field of flower. so, I don’t get anything today?No, totally wrong. I get many a great picture at there.Advice for you is, the first of all when you want to photo shoot, you must get a creative,maybe the object is not really like in your mind, so you must improvisation with the object. try a new angle, try anything and get a great picture. So don’t depend the situation but create a situation like what you want. So when you take a picture is not really miss it. and enjoy my picture :)

magenta's family

Maggenta Flower


we are alone


I love this place, you can found a farmers with the buffalo and the gank. Or maybe you can found a villager activity, like a fishing, ngasoh , or something you can’t found in big city. Not far from my campus, but its great view . And if you not satisfied with a few photo in this blog, you can see in my flickr :)

BTW, i great a page in Facebook. I call that page Zaky Akbar Photography , please visit (and like :p) my page. Its get easy to see my picture. :)

ps.don’t be afraid when you search the sunrise but sun not come out. just find another object who you can explore . And sorry for my bad English, i try my best :)


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