Sagita Athina Putri Priyongko

what are you looking at, originally uploaded by zakies.

Her name is Sagita Athina Putri Priyongko, my friend, my model.I love to take her picture than other, because she got talented in pose. And i love her style in rebel, when she wearing jeans, or rebel stuff ( jacket, jeans, leather jacket, etc) . i love her expression in that theme. thanks a lot sagita about your corporation when i take a picture.

another picture of her.(in rebel too)

ps. if you interest her to be your model, maybe you can contact me. so i can contact her :)


2 thoughts on “Sagita Athina Putri Priyongko

  1. keren cuyy .. klo ditambah ilmu lighting yang memadai, konsep lo jadi keren tuh ..

    ayo go go Young Photographer …
    Jangan Pernah puas belajar …


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