Fashion : Giffa’s

dress one

Dress : Black x(sml)
Accessories : gold chain bird
Shoes : Lavira’s

Dress : Black dress (giffa’s)
Mask : Giffa’s
Shoes : charles and keith

Dress : Wolf 16 d’scale
Accessories : Giffa’s
Socks : Sox gallery
Shoes : Giffa’s

Dress : kembang sepatu (giffa made)
Shoes : giffa’s

Dress : ‘Baju Bodo’
Accessories : charles & keith
Shoes : Wimo

Dress : Javanese exploration (giffamade)
Shoes : Gosh



Talent : Puitika, Sagitha and Lavira | Make Up Artist ( MUA ) : Ayu | Fashion Stylish : Giffarin

Location : Pasar Baru , Katherdal, and Katherdal Street (Jakarta)

All pictures are taken by me (zaky akbar) copyright. 2010)


left to right

above : me (photographer) , Ayu ( MUA), Puitika, Saghita, Lavira, and  Giffarin

below : Adit (photographer) and Hilman (photographer)

more picture in here

ps. very big big BIG THANKS for all people who make this work. Someday, we must make another awesome picture again :) see you next session. love you all


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