My New Header

Finally, my header change with new picture :) . Last header is my self but now, i change with my gadget . Hope you like my new header.

just publish nothing, by the way this is my new header

left-right : Macbook 13″, Canon Lens 18-55mm  f/3.5-5.6, 70-200mm f/2.8 L USM, Logitech mouse, Perfume (vira said, “A men smell must good), Canon EOS 30D, Swiss Army Watch, Speaker Altec Lansing, Speedlite EX 580 II, ABC Alkaline , ESIA Ngoceh2, Sony Ericsson W890i, Printer Canon IP PIXMA , Analog Camera  Zenit (Mira own :D )

All this stuff is on my desk. If you can see more up, you can see a place for my masterpiece ;p. There is from my illustration, photo or other. Unfortunately, this picture has crop by wordpress,so you can see a full version. I hope you like my new header

ps. enjoy the header, and sory for my english ;p


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